About Gym Goddess

Since 2019, Gym Goddess has developed a dress code for every day with styles to fit every mood. Comfortable, yet stylish. Premium, yet affordable. An always effortless off-duty look, with sustainability at its heart. Products that are created to give empowering confidence. Whether it is about creating inner confidence that comes from a feeling of comfort and durability, or the confidence of wearing a good outfit and making heads turn. Thanks to the reliability of the materials used in our collections the wearer can focus on their day, confident in the knowledge that they look and feel good.


Bolstered by a surge in demand for comfortable yet stylish clothing, Gym Goddess’ bold designs and accessible price point has seen the brand develop an ever-growing loyal community. It’s this community that powers Gym Goddess to design feel-good and stylish essentials with our members in mind. Behind the scenes is the best talent that showcases inspiring creativity and out-of-the-box thinking alongside dedicated teamwork and collaboration to make the brand what it is today. 


“I couldn’t be happier to be relaunching Gym Goddess to the market as a fully eco- friendly and sustainable fashion forward brand, It’s an area of huge importance to me and it is everything I had ever imagined and more” - Phoebe McVey, Gym Goddess, founder & co-owner. 


As experienced fashion disruptors, we’re confident Gym Goddess will soon be a new category leader.”  - Adam Power, Gym Goddess co-owner & CEO of the Pwrd Group.


About The Founder

Phoebe McVey is the founder of Gym Goddess and co-owns the company with business partner, Adam Power, CEO of The Pwrd Group. Together, they are thrilled to kick-off the brand's relaunch with an exciting new collection, The Rebirth Collection.


Phoebe’s passion is health and fitness. A successful entrepreneur, avid gym goer having competed in numerous bodybuilding competitions and a busy mum of two, athleisure wear is her go-to staple. Between bodybuilding competitions and pregnancy she found her body shape would change and she struggled to find premium yet affordable gym clothing that would live up to the standards of everyday life. Her mission was then as it still is today, to make every woman feel comfortable and confident. Every woman deserves to feel like a Goddess. The result; a premium sustainable leisure wear brand with an accessible price point. Today, Gym Goddess continues to evolve alongside the needs and lifestyle of its customers.

September 25, 2020 — Phoebe Mcvey